Manual is still available in Philips website. For starters, they offer better readability and resolution at the outer corners of the screen. Monitors and displays 3 End of a CRT era In my collection, different PC displays accumulated over time with computers, PCs, sometimes as part sources which have been surprisingly repaired. Privacy policy and Terms of Use. In s and 90s monitor contained a large vacuum tube which shown, with few tens of Watts expense, usually acceptable picture. The MB weighs in at

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Only some pre-defined settings cannot be easily explained. The inch UltraSharp UD monitor performs well, but don’t overpay for it. It has only one input, and, unfortunately, quite large margin around CRT so having two of them won’t make a good dual-screen experience.

The MagicBright settings calibrate the brightness, the contrast, and the color temperature specifically for viewing text, Internet pages, or entertainment applications, such as DVDs and video games.


Presence of flat screens in lots of movies and visions syncjaster the future made the panels chosen despite of their worse image quality.

Unfortunately some units may have blocked menu. First, they were smaller and more energy-efficient. On top of its few design embellishments, the SyncMaster MB has a handful of interesting extra features that separate it from the pack. Continue to next page 01 The sncmaster glass surface also tends to reflect less ambient light from the surrounding environment which makes samsung syncmaster mb display more pleasant to look sycnmaster in a well illuminated samsung syncmaster mb.


Intensity, contrast, and even the sharpness of the items within the HighlightZone can be adjusted. Don’t show this again.

Samsung SyncMaster MB Specs – CNET

Although there is even a Linux software for it, I haven’t managed to get it working. The other two settings make the screen drastically brighter, and would syncnaster great for watching a movie from a distance where dull screens can make it difficult to see dark scenes. The flat glass surface also tends to reflect less ambient light from the surrounding environment which makes the display more pleasant to look at in a well illuminated room.


No longer are flat face CRT’s significantly more expensive than their curved-tube counterparts, making them quite affordable, and quite worth getting. This is a Sony unit, branded as Dell.

Femme new drivers from Femme, a girl from Sweden who runs this blog and share free drivers. A semi-professional large-screen display with nice contrast, brightness and sharp picture. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. Text looked blurry at 1,x1, and at 1,x1, the 64Hz refresh rate threatened to fry our eyes. Its OSD has quite large intelligence with auto-adjustments, a few presets and advanced settings.

Compare These Samsung CF. What makes the MB stand out? DB15, two-input, x CRT: Manual is still available in Philips site.

Which 1 of the 3 (P95f, GS790, Syncmaster 957mb)

957m First, the border around screen is large so having dual-screen is a problem. The HighlightZone tool is a feature I’m less clear about its intended use All my content and ptohos. Generally, what I found about quality: We found that it worked quite well.


These tubes offered a very good quality, but required complex circuits. The downside is that it needs active cooling so it has a fan. However, every manufacturer has better or worse models.

Its screen is not flat, but its picture is nice and sharp when maintained properly. It also has a USB port, but not syjcmaster USB switch, common in displays from s – in this model it is used to tune the display by software. The best Black Friday deals of We found that it worked quite well.