The selectable option is different depending on the destination. Check the desired contact. After the print override processing is completed, the interrupted job will be resumed. If you do not want to cancel that job, press right Select. The following is an outline of each page accessed.

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Selecting Original Quality Mode The original quality mode selects the copy quality according to the type of originals. The following modes are available for zooming. Press returns to the Function screen.

In order to do this, it is necessary to register the sender and destination recipient address on the network.

Kyocera KM 1820

Turn off the machine, disconnect the power cord and disconnect the machine cable. When enabled, job accounting has the following features. Be sure to fan through the originals a few times to separate the sheets before placing them in the document processor. If the original size required is not shown, select Others and press Enter.


km-18220 Selecting Color Scan Mode The following color modes are available for scanning: Press table shows how the file name kyoceraa constructed. The table below lists the specifications km-11820 adhesive label paper. Default printer settings will be overridden by the printer driver settings. Be sure to set the default port number to either 80 or Page 13 The following illustrations indicate the effects of each direction and layout setting: The destination is displayed.

The selectable option is different depending on the destination. Are the network settings that are made in this machine correct? Page Transparency overhead projection film Transparency must be able to withstand the heat of fusing during the printing process.

Using Collate Mode Multiple originals can be scanned into memory in a single operation and the number of copy sets created. Item Description User Enables or disables this user number.

Error or Warning is Is there an error message displayed under the shown in the display?


Kyocera Ci Technical Reference Manual pages. The table below provides a summary of the pages in Jobs page.

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Press to select Account. Optional Equipment 9 Optional Equipment Available Options The following options are available for use with your machine. Copy jobs or, send jobs are produced using the settings registered in the program. Positioning Mark Press Completed and returns to kyoccera Function screen. Limp paper can buckle inside the machine, while paper that is too stiff may bind.

Hewlett-packard user guide printer kyocera extended driver pages. Result Report Setting The result report can be printed out for checking whether a transmission was accomplished correctly or not.

Item Weight of top sheet Composite weight Use this scale as a guide to determine when to replace the toner container. Page of Go. It should satisfy the conditions in the table below.

The display shows Completed and returns to the Function screen.