I had the same problem a little while back after a fresh install of the OS. Log in Become a member. A quantity of standard controls, a 4-octave keyboard for a hyper attractive prices. Now I turn instead to a firewire model, and with more controllers faders, buttons I appreciate its convenience, we branch USB connection and it’s power supply and Midi.

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I have yet to exprience but evoljtion any case I strongly recommend for those who want to engage in the computer music. Jun 4, 2: Write a user review Ask for a user review. Jun evoolution, 2: The number of controllers I liked and I’m satisfied. It seems that somewhere along the line, OSX Tiger actually lost the driver for this model of controller keyboard.

Jun 3, 1: As I mentioned, I don’t know whether I should be hosting this, but hopefully it sorts a few things out.

At the rear of MK there is a power supply port. Knobs to lock also have a good grip, and the pitch bend and modulation.


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For connection, no problem, thanks to the USB port, for cons in a piti WinMillenium driver problem I lost a quarter of an hour and some hair. A product cheap and really well designed for its range. Searching the archives didn’t seem to produce a usable result. It is comprehensive, robust mine has no material defect, the person who had problems with – see the reviews above – is certainly came across a “bad” copyit is beautiful even if it is a matter of taste, the design is really simple and all-purposeit is light enough, it can be easily I think this is the case with all the keyboards of this type.

Talking about the eolution also still a good, good feeling when taking in hand, one small pb its 49 keys, a fair bit to really play live.

Evolutioj not a keyboardist, but I use it all the time to listen and my notes in my sequencer software. I highly recommend it if you want to smooth music, especially since it comes with a software learning more than adequate, although the bundled software does not really seem to be the height of keyboard but I repeat, I would have to test them deeper to make me a real idea, I do not like sequencers!


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Touch is certainly soft enough for the price but we will not ask him to touch all piano. I do not know if the competition offers better today, but this one, anyway, evolutoin for me a safe bet. Sort by most recent most useful. However, I must admit ecolution seemed very complete and well done especially the learning software, but I have not really used.

My opinion on this keyboard is similar to that of my predecessors Ask a question Reset. Same, just to point out that the little knobs 2 shows the critical plus. What characteristics have motivated your choice?

All notes are played at the speed you set the knob, regardless of how hard you hit the keys Ben for the person who just want to play chords or melodies in basic leu DAW is fine but the touch is very soft in the knees if you are a evllution. The construction seems solid, to see over time. Anyway, you get used to and then, as my first keyboard To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. This is very useful to remember the number one MIDI instrument, if memory hole I regret perhaps, is the quality of bundled software, but I did almost not served, so I can not really judge.


Latency is extremely correct with no synthetic view of my SB Live Hard. In short, not mcontent of my purchase to The general configuration is it simple? Although I haven’t used it out of my studio yet All replies Drop Down menu.

I had the same problem a little while back after a fresh install of the OS.