As a general rule, keep in mind that if a locator matches several elements, only the first one will be effectively used by Selenium. This Link Text locator works only on links hyperlinks so it is called as Link Text locator. ID — Matches by id characteristic. If you have flexible developers or even an eye for the app source code you can always try and get extra IDs added into the code by buying them a beer on Friday evening, taking their sister on a date or just plain begging. What is API Testing? Mostly we should prefer Id as first priority to find element.

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On a typical login page, you have input fields which could be like: Free Trial at jira. As such, WebDriver provides a wide variety of gor to locate elements on a page.


What is CSS location strategy in Selenium? There are 8 locators strategies included in Selenium:. Locating Hyperlinks by Link Text 4.

Selenium Tutorial: Locators

Make sure that the test application is running: What is the most reliable locator in Selenium WebDriver? There are various strategies to locate elements in a page. What is a search context? Use this when you want to locate an element by class attribute name.

Let me know if you need any clarification. Selenium provides the following methods to locate elements in a page:.

Follow the link below to get information of various locators: This method locates elements by the exact text it displays. Tip the index starts at 0. These commands identify the web elements by using locators. Build stronger candidate pools with Excel testing simulations. Maintaining locators must be calculated as part of the cost of test maintenance. Which Locator To Use?

Element Locator – Chrome Web Store

Still have a question? If no element has a matching id attribute, a NoSuchElementException will be raised. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. XPath extends beyond as well as supporting the simple wedriver of locating by id or name attributes, and opens up all sorts of new possibilities such as locating the third checkbox on the page.


This strategy is intended to select links only and selects the anchor element containing the specified text: She is a co-founder of Software Testing Material.

Locators in Selenium WebDriver | Selenium Tutorial

Locating Elements by Tag Name 4. Apart from the public methods given above, there are two private methods which might be useful with locators in page objects.

Sumasri is a Sr.

These examples cover some basics, but in order to learn more, the following references are recommended:. Answered May 23, What is API Testing? Selenium interacts with GUI elements available on a web page through its commands. Hope the above information webdriger help. What is the best for learning selenium WebDriver? It is always advisable to use custom Xpath because more often than not they will always identify the element uniquely.

If no element has a matching class attribute name, a NoSuchElementException will be raised.