Complete your order by entering your card payment details Your Top Up is sent instantly to the mobile phone! Can I delete my account history? I worked on that Account from February 24th to April 1st , a very desperate time during my job hunt here in Kingston, Jamaica. Is there a way to verify the amount the topped up number will receive? How do I remove my stored credit card? The amount of top up the number will receive is displayed when you have selected a top up amount and is also visible in the ‘history’ tab when logged in to your account.

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Got up n everything normal.

How to setup and troubleshoot your Digicel 4G Broadband Modem

Please check the number you have entered is a Digicel prepaid number. Diicel a bag of St. To create an account, follow these simple steps: You can use any of the following cards: Applies to Barbados Only.


Why am I required to agree to your terms and conditions? Digicel Internet Thread Post by Mr. In case you delete it by accident, you can always verify this as fact:.

Digicel Online Top Up

I was thinking of signing up for Digicel Play Loud package when they reach Mausica area but after reading this forum I am very skeptical: I didn’t receive my registration confirmation email – tailed do I do? Brokerage firm Mayberry Investments Limited has, over the years, shown its ability to be innovative, giving customers great value, varied Jamaicans insatiable love for the Internet especially to help their kids makes price no object in buying divicel to access the Internet.

Just that the Digicel router is balls Anybody got a fix for this? What is needed to use Digicel Online Top Up?

Digicel Barbados offers a variety of easy ways to Top Up your prepaid account. To create an account, follow these 7 simple steps: The on what you can and cannot do. If the amount that is placed on the phone is less than BBD This happening to anyone else?


Happy Trails, Dear reader, be ye Prepaid or Postpaid. An active Digicel Online Top Up account. I worked on that Account from February 24th to April 1sta very desperate time during my job hunt here in Kingston, Jamaica.

Can any one who plays Fortnite on ps4 let me know their average ping. Send me an email if you wish with your concerns. The website will state the total amount the recipient will lload before you submit the digicep.

Apparently nothing was wrong with my computer or it’s connections because it working normal at this moment. They make u being the modem all the way to maraval and wait in a ridiculously long line to sort it it. This document will provide all the details you need to assist you with sending minutes to your loved one in the Caribbean.

Digicel Internet Thread – Page

Select a top up value. Check out these related posts: It is not necessary to enter your card details each time you use the site. The service is available to all Digicel territories below: I need 5 ethernet ports so I plug in a router to the Digicel modem. Digicel digicl by me today to install.


You do not have the required permissions to view the faailed attached to this post. If you are attempting to top up a Digicel number that is registered as a postpaid phone, you will see the following message “Your order cannot be created.