And they have Linksys routers, too! DCM im tring to set up a wireless network but the console cant seem to pick up the access point wat shoul i do. When the internet light keeps flashing ,it tells that the modem is not getting a downstream signal from your cable company. However, I would really like to know more about what these diagnostics refer to. See how the traffic is moving, etc. Lost in translation August 28, , 9:

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So has any body got their network more than one PC working with this modem? You could try going to the web interface, just open internet explorer and the usual default adress for these is either If not, then you can try to pull up the page manually by entering Well, yesterday it worked, so we cancelled the tech…or so we thought.

Hmmmm I got a dccm425 on my problem above. Thursday night—you guessed it—we went back to the Internet light flashing again. Looked at the cable seemed fine,running wireless router getting signal.


I also have the flashing internet light. Signal Acquired at I have a netgear EN hub. It’s a very complicated field, so I’ll just leave this articles: As for it being legal, a lot of the state and federal legislators rely on Telcom money to get dcj425, so a lot of things are legal.

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On — cable modem is connected to the network Flashing — cable modem is attempting to connect to the network Off — cable dcm4225 not connected to the network. Also note that, in this case, the machine connected directly shows its IP as the same as the global IP listed by your modem.


When machines are connected to Linksys router they stop working, and after replacing the cable modem at the TW walk-in center in waaay upper manhattan, I was ready to conceed the router may have gone bad. Phil March 27, After 2 days on the phone with customer support a tech was able to get into my modem remotely and update a boot file or something that he said was bad.

Same situation as Yoda, I think. It shows the number of bit errors divided by total number of transferred bits. The sole function and purpose of a router is to, well, route, or map out a path for, information which goes through it.

This is extremely wide question, so don’t expect a single complete answer You can think of them like splitters.

Cable Modem Troubleshooting: RCA DCM

Can I use the hub to connect a second pc? Well, I hope I made that a bit more understandable…I know I can be long-winded. I have limited download specs, like 10gb per month, then I have to start paying. Bill July 8,3: The frequency ranges from 5 MHz, with the never being used because of noise. As far as I can tell the DCM is an un-managed dfm425, but it does provide a web interface for dcm4225 diagnostic information.


Technicolor / Thomson DCM425

Also, when I connect to After that you have the bit error rate field. TEK December 3,7: My modem is configured for a mac and will not work with a pc. On — If this and the Cable Link light are steady then the modem is connected Flashing — modem is searching for a downstream signal Off — power is not supplied to the modem or modem is in standby.