So, users of Google Chromebooks, and companies that primarily use Google Cloud Print for all their printing needs, can print in a secure manner with the option of uniFLOW tracking all prints. Users can also submit jobs via web browser, or printing directly from an application using an internet enabled driver. Information Security is an important concern for any business. Managed Print Services for SMB Increase your small medium business sustainability by speeding up processes, reducing waste and controlling costs. Scanning Advanced scanning, processing, and sending to backend systems. Requiring authentication at a device can help prevent unauthorized printing and copying, faxing and scanning to email, and prevent confidential documents from lying on the printer tray. Full lifecycle compatibility Supporting multi-vendor, mixed fleet environments, Canon uniFLOW integrates with your existing devices — including non-Canon equipment — so you can maximise your fleet investment.

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Managed Print Services for SMB Increase your small medium business sustainability by speeding up processes, reducing waste and controlling costs. This danon can change the behavior of the user to select the most cost effective option. Manage all print requirements with a single application. With uniFLOW, the need for an additional scanning system is redundant.

Personalise scan workflows for added security. Many MFPs already offer basic scanning functionality, such as “Scan to email” and “Scan to folder,” however uniFLOW Scanning can offer an enhancement to the basic scanning functionality by providing ways for Business Process Optimization, which would require functionality, such as individual follow me scanning workflows, automatic detection of scanned document types, automatic extraction of key data, online database validations, and integration with back-office systems.


We are making it easier to experience Citrix solutions. According to a recent study, paper records were the second most significant source of a data breach, second only to losing a laptop or other device. One platform for printing, scanning, and device management Installed into your server, uniFLOW creates intelligent document processes for your small to medium businesses.

uniFLOW Universal PCLXL Driver v5.4

Users can access their individual scanning workflows from any scan enabled Canon multifunctional device on the network and automate their business bringing additional productivity to many parts of their daily work. Guest printing can be customized to allow visitors outside the network to submit print jobs, but with preset company restrictions.

Print on-the-go from anywhere, to any device. As stated above, a user can be notified by uniFLOW if that user would be better served to re-route his or her print job to a more cost effective device.

Effortlessly manage your information security, print management and peint. Brochures, White Papers and Reports. Create personalised workflows to capture, share and store digital documents. The uniFLOW Universal Driver works by ensuring that the printer specific codes are only added to the print job once the final printer type is known, resulting in a correct printout every time.


Increase your small medium business sustainability by speeding up processes, reducing waste and controlling costs. The uniFLOW Universal Driver provides a hardware independent way to generate print jobs with finishing options like duplex without knowing on what printer these jobs will be printed out in the end. There are various methods of configuring the uniFLOW SmartClient making it adaptable in order to fit specific customer requirements.

Storage Storage ControllersStorage Solutions. Once a print job is submitted, regardless of whether it’s from a desktop PC or a mobile device, the user will fall into the uniFLOW My Print Anywhere workflow, where the user will walk to the most convenient device, and pring their print job after authenticating themselves.

uniFLOW – Canon Europe

Services Service ProvidersVirtual Appliances. Free your business from printing and scanning restrictions with uniFLOW — an intuitive platform that scales with you. Your download will begin in a moment. Features Yniversal and Reporting Finance Director’s expectations: The uniFLOW SmartClient allows customers with a multi-site infrastructure to print securely and track costs without the need for local print servers in different locations.

Also, by implementing uniFLOW Scanning, the IT burden is reduced because on a single platform for printing and scanning, there is no need to manage users, roles, cost centers, and etc.

Managed in the cloud, uniFLOW Online reduces IT overheads and saves on physical storage space, while delivering advanced document output management and mobile printing. UniFLOW can chargeback users, departments, groups, or cost centers for the costs of printing, track and control cost savings and the environmental impact of a printer or copier fleet, easily generate reports to assist in financial planning, and management of printer, copier, scanner and fax.


Looking for a cloud-based solution? BLI Pick of the Year.

Office Printing – uniFLOW

Mobile Office Enablement Get the right technology to help you work anywhere, without compromising data security or process efficiency. When a user needs a production print out, they can simply submit a print job into the uniFLOW system, and a digital job ticket will automatically appear, where the user can specify his or her requirements quickly and accurately. By implementing print rules, uniFLOW can redirect jobs appropriately so that only small print jobs are routed to laser printers whilst larger jobs are rerouted to the cheaper and faster multifunctional devices.

Users tend to have multiple identities in today’s mobile age, and uniFLOW prinnt that by allowing users to register each of their identities, such as email addresses or phone numbers, so that the uniFLOW system will recognize them, and allow them to print.

It canno enables the implementation of rules, routing of jobs to cheaper devices or automated deletion of jobs after a specified time has elapsed before job release, all of uniglow means additional savings.