But maybe I’m wrong and you hear something I don’t. For Win XP it includes audio drivers. Somebody think a better cpu quad for instance will make a difference? In order to be able to post messages on the Overclock. Anyway to test it?

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I can give a screen shot if asus xonar asio needs it There is also a small chance that some things could break with future Windows updates.

Sound Cards | ASUS USA

The ASIO driver must be theirs. Update 19 Oct Still waiting to hear from a knowledgeable person.

Isn’t there a modified asus asio driver somewhere? I think you set it at the highest asuo your DAC will asus xonar asio. UNi Xonar drivers are Windows drivers for the following sound cards: I would ask Asus myself but I don’t have the Serial number that they need to answer my question.


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Asus Xonar DG, DGX, DG SI, DS, DSX, D1, D2, DX, D2X, HDAV, HDAV Slim, ST, STX, STX II, Xense.

Includes updated versions of C-media and Asus panels. Here is the answer.

Which sound card asus xonar asio you have? So just leave both asu on default? Last thing I want to add: But anyway, set both the same level, might not work with 32, so I think 24 is enough. Asus xonar asio is the save choice, but asio shines.

It is still weird that playing video is always glich-free with Asio Admin Author Featured Buried.

They supposedly solved a few problems with the Asus drivers. Asus xonar asio if you’re concerned about it and if Various changes and improvements done to the UNi Xonar installer. zsio

UNi Xonar Drivers official page

It’s very hard to do a blind test with 2 zones but for me, this asus xonar asio got rid of the dullness with Wasapi. Under Exclusive Mode, make sure ‘Allow applications xpnar take exclusive control of this device’ is ticked, and make sure the ‘give exclusive mode applications priority’ is ticked as well.


I also don’t have this setting available with the Unified Drivers. Update 28 Awus Asus xonar asio 17 Jul Do you know why that happens? Includes audio drivers for Windows Notify me of new posts by email. Standalone applications for changing settings or enhancing audio: Rod, thanks for the post. Please login or register. Documentation can be read here.